Glitter Terms & Definitions

Glitter Terms & Definitions

Two-Faced Glitter- More commonly known as “Opalescent” glitter, this is a semi-translucent material, used to “trick” the eye and enhance appearance. Use of multiple colored bases will give different results. #southernglittergals offers a variety of “Two-Faced” options & sizes. Each contains unique qualities that will take your project to the next level. 

Metallic Glitter- Created to give a rich and stable color with a mirror-like shine. Metallics provide a basic finish that reflects light without any rainbow effects or other color reflections.  

Holographic Glitter- An entire spectrum of light reflects from this material, creating a “rainbow” effect. Silver based flakes are used to add depth and variety. 

Color-Shift Glitter-  These colors will first appear as one shade that “shifts”  to another shade as the angle of light reflection changes. View from different angles and watch it change before your eyes. Very beautiful varieties creating endless crafting opportunities. 

High Sparkling Iridescent Glitter-  Normally used as a single color base with 1 color reflection. Color reflection is caused from the shine of the actual glitter and NOT from the angle the light is reflecting.  

Rainbow Iridescent Glitter-  Reflects an array of color spectrums which can change with each variety to show one or more colors. 

Pearl Iridescent Glitter-  Almost matte finish with a standard iridescent shimmer added to it. 

UV/Ultra Violet Glitter/Powder-  Color will change when “charged” with a UV light source or the sun.