Metallic Glitter

Metallic Glitter

Not your average ‘craft store’ glitter!

How frustrating is it when you think you’re getting a good deal on glitter at a local craft store, only to find out it takes two or three times the amount to cover your project correctly?  We’ve been there!  That’s why we offer glitter that has great coverage, gives off a beautiful sparkle and saves you $ because you use less!

Our Metallic Glitters come in a variety of colors & size cuts.  All colors are rich & vibrant, providing beautiful finished projects.

*Measured and sold by WEIGHT (not volume)

We package our glitter into sleek 4oz. durable, clear containers with lids.

You Get:

  • Durable Polyester Grade Glitter
  • Heat Resistant
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Cost Efficient
  • Good Coverage
  • Variety/Options


  • Fine Cut (.10, 1/96 or .3mm)
  • Standard/Medium (.025-.040, 1/48-1/24 or .6-1 mm)
  • Chunky Mix (3 or more sizes mixed together)

*Easy and neat storage


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