The PERFECT amount of SPARKLE!

Other glitters just not ‘eye-catching’ enough? Are they lacking that “WOW” factor? You won’t hear those words when you use our Holographic Glitter on your next project! Rich, vibrant colors that reflect colors of the rainbow when light hits it. The SPARKLE and WOW never stops!  

*Measured and sold by WEIGHT (not volume)

We package our glitter into sleek 4oz. durable, clear containers with lids. 

*Easy and neat storage


You Get:

  • Durable Polyester Grade Glitter
  • Heat Resistant
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Cost Efficient
  • Good Coverage
  • Variety/Options


  • Fine Cut (.10, 1/96 or.3 mm)
  • Standard/Medium (.025-.040, 1/48-1/24 or .6-1 mm
  • Chunky Cut (.094)
  • Chunky Mix (3 or more sizes mixed together)